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Responsive website for Woodelo Bikes

Our task was to strengthen the brand across Woodelo's online presence, and to bring the website up to date with a fully responsive design. We let the bicycles speak for themselves, and reduced the content to just the essential information so we could have a more concise menu and shorter page length. We redesigned the traditional geometry chart using some clever CSS to overlay the measurements over one graphic, so that a user can get the geometry spec relevant to them, and not have to trawl through a lengthy table of information. We used UX principles to design the site with the user as our first priority. At every stage of the design, we ensured that the overall user experience was the first priority. We had tens of iterations of button sizes, subtle animations, and menu arrangement, all informed by user testing, to craft the most enjoyable experience, no matter what device was used. We integrated a pinterest link into every image to encourage social media sharing. The home page uses some simple parallax scrolling to engage the user. What we learned from this project: There is a balancing act between high quality photography and quick download times. We carried out user testing to find the tipping point where users were still excited to see the loaded image, and not frustrated by the wait.